Diamond Paintings

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Diamond Paintings

For those of you that love doing DIY stuff and crafts, here is another fun thing to do! 

Doing diamond paintingI love doing diamond paintings. It gives me time to relax and think while I am putting all the little pieces on the mat. I would do it all the time if I could. If you haven’t heard of diamond painting or diamond embroidery, Google it right now! I’m on my forth painting and I can’t wait to finish this one and start another one that I ordered.

For those of you that don’t know what these products are all about I will tell you more. These come in kits with the Patterns printed on strong canvas with a sticky layer (like double sided tape) put on over top of that. The patterns come with a waxy type paper to keep the surface clean and not sticking to itself when rolled.

The kits also come with trays, tweezers and other tools to help you to be able to stick the little resin pieces to the mat with the pattern. The patterns are similar to Cross stich so are sometimes referred to that but instead of using cloth and thread you are using a mat a resin drill (beads) to make the picture. The tape they use is very strong and the beads don’t come off.

Watch out list

After doing a few of them I have come up with a few things to watch out for:


Do not get small sizes. Because of the use of the beads the pictures become pixelated and do not show actual image clearly. Therefore, some pictures that have a lot of detail do not turn out nicely. I have found some images that show this.  

Be careful of the ones you are buying. Make sure you have the right beads and type you want. I prefer the square beads that cover the full picture. These ones are more time consuming but are worth it in the end.

Make sure you get a brand that guarantees you have enough beads to finish the project. Out of the four I have done. Two of them did not have enough to complete the project. With one of them I was only short a few so I could substitute a close color with out affecting the picture. The other one I am going to have to order more beads in the colors I need.

      I hope this helps. I love doing these and find it very relaxing. I am trying to only put ones on my website that are better quality and would love any other input anyone else has.

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