Christmas with less stress

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Carefree Christmas Shopping

Christmas is coming a lot sooner than we want it too. If you are like me, you have several people to buy for but not a lot of time to do the shopping. Here are some ideas to help you this shopping season.

  1. Try planning ahead - By planning ahead you reduce the stress of last minute shopping.
  2. Make a list of all the people you want to buy for – This will help with forgetting someone and having to go shopping again.
  3. Include the amount of money you want to spend on each person and total it that way you can make the total fit your budget to stop from spending too much and hating the credit card bill balances in January.
  4. Think about the people on your list and if there is anything they have hinted at or plain out said they wanted. For the rest of the people think about their favorite things such as animal, color, or shows to come up with ideas for gifts. For kids if you don’t have any ideas pay attention to their favorite things too.
  5. Once you have your information ready start shopping! To avoid all the stress of crammed malls, grumpy people, bad weather and having to haul your kids everywhere, shop online!


Start right here at! 

 We have hundreds of products and things for those hard to buy for people. We are adding new products often so check us out frequently.

 Here are some great ideas:


For those Geeks on your list:

1. Star wars clocks

2. Marvel T shirts

3. Character Lamps 

4. Movie alarm clocks

5. Fantasy wall stickers



For those Coffee/Book lovers:

1. Color changing mugs

2. Themed mugs

3. Book art  

4. Wall stickers   

5. I hate mornings tshirts


For those DIY crafters:

1. Diamond paintings of animals 

2. Diamond paintings of cartoon characters

3. Diamond paintings for kids

4. Material for quilting

5. Knitting needle sets


For children:

1. Toys 

2. Puzzles

3. Fun Wallets

4. Wall stickers

5. Crafts like diamond paintings 

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